Purism is an online clothes store that is built on the belief that online shopping shouldn't be a mystery.

I worked with Purism to help build their website. This was a fresh project, and I was enlisted for frontend development. I was given Adobe XD mockups and started to convert them into real webpages, using Next JS.

Screenshot of the above-the-fold content of the purism home page.
The Purism home page.

The designs for this site were great, and created some interesting challenges for me on the frontend, with some weird layouts of overlapping images in places.

Screenshot of purism home page demonstrating an unusual layout.
An example of an overlapping image layout.

As well as simply converting mockups into HTML, there was some more complex work involved, namely implementing infinite scroll for the shop pages (which also follow a loose structure).

Screenshot of purism shop page.
The infinite loading shop page.

The content for the site comes from a custom CMS, built by other developers on the Purism team who I worked with. There was also some integration with firebase.

Tech Details

This site was built with React, using NextJS. Styling was done with Tailwind. These tools all work great together, allowing me to work quickly and iterate rapidly.

Backend stuff was done via a custom CMS, and Firebase services.


This was a fun project to work on, with a few interesting challenges we had to work to solve.